Text Book Buy Back Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your buyback process work?
It's simple. First, enter your ISBNs and get a quote. We inspect the quality of your books, if accepted, we pay you market value in cash at the store.
What type of books do you buy?

We DO buy textbooks and trade books in good condition that are primarily used in classrooms. We do buy study guides without excessive writing and if any answers are not filled in.

We DO NOT buy international editions, instructor copies, custom editions (typically has a school name listed) or library copies.

We buy back primarily textbooks used in colleges (2-year, 4-year and post-grad titles).  The overlap with K12 would be books used in Advanced Placement (AP) classes.


How important is the book's condition?
It's very important. The company that purchases the books from us has quality assurance standards in place, and we only buy books in GOOD condition. A GOOD book may show typical wear but should be fully usable. If a book does not meet our minimum standards (see the "Is your book in GOOD condition" ), it will not be accepted.
Is your book in GOOD condition? Read below to find examples of used books commonly not accepted.

Examples of textbooks we will not accept may include:
- Broken or Loose Spines: Both the front and back covers must be attached to the spine. The spine cannot be broken or weak;
- Excessive cover damage: Normal wear on the book cover or corners is acceptable, but torn or excessively damaged corners are not;
- Excessive Highlighting: Pages must be readable with no more than 50% of the pages highlighted;
- Water Damage: Book must not have any water damage, mold, or stains from any liquid on the cover or pages;
- Loose leaf editions;
- Torn or Missing Pages: Book with any missing or torn pages;
- Teachers or Instructors editions;
- International editions;
- Workbooks, study guides and solutions manuals with writing on more than 5 pages or any answers filled in;

Questions? Email us at books@edgewaterbooks.com